Mastermind and Group Coaching FAQ’s

How do the groups meet?

We currently use Zoom to do video conferencing. If you do not have a Zoom account, you can create one for free at All meetings are recorded so you can play back whenever you want.

How often do the groups meet?

All groups meet biweekly for 1 hour. The exact dates will be finalized once the groups are put together and dates and times will be communicated to you.

How do we communicate with other members of the group or with Dr. Danielle & Dr. Shawna?

We create separate, private Facebook groups for each mastermind group. This allows authentic conversation 24/7. Danielle and Shawna are in each one of these groups interacting with the members and answering questions.

Is the content recorded?

Yes. Recorded files are uploaded to your group’s private Facebook group so you can listen and review anytime you like.

Is there a savings if I pay for my mastermind in one payment?

Yes, we offer 10% off the total investment when you pay in full before your first session.

Why are the groups 12 months long?

Simply put, it takes time to see progress and positive change in your life and practice—no matter what phase of business you’re in. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn and grow in the course of your year-long experience. You’ll look back and be so impressed and proud of how far you’ve come!

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds. Once you commit to a group, you have taken a place that cannot be replaced by someone new to the group. The rest of the group is relying on the input and participation of all the members, and leaving the group puts the other women at a disadvantage.