If you've never worked with a mentor or coach before, the whole idea can seem a little weird.

Yet, you're here on this page because there's a little voice inside you that says
it's time to get the support you deserve so that you can be
the mom you want to be AND grow your practice, too.

Your husband might be questioning what you'd actually be getting for your money, and you might even be wondering why you haven't just been able to figure out how to grow your practice on your own.

What's more, you might be feeling skeptical of this whole "live your ideal life" concept or if niche marketing will leave you with fewer patients than before!

Listen, I totally get it.
In fact, I usually don't even work with clients who aren't somewhat skeptical
and maybe even scared in the beginning.

That's why I'm sharing with you here what my clients are saying,
and even my former team members from Logan, too.

All so that you can see the difference Aligned Women has made
in their families and in their practices.

Check out what clients and other chiropractors I've mentored are saying about Aligned Women below.

From Clients...

I always wanted to try coaching BUT in our profession I thought it would be impossible to find a coach that was right for me as I didn’t want some old guy telling me to go spend weekends away from my family at a silly health fair to get to 300 patients a day. (I’m an introvert so nothing could be worse and I don’t really want to see 300 people a day). Dr. Danielle is truly a coach for Mamas. If it doesn’t align first with my family, she doesn’t want me doing it. She has also provided me with valuable insights and encouragement on how I can grow/sustain my practice (and help more people!) without taking time away from my family. It is so refreshing to be understood and coached by another chiropractor who “gets it”. Thank you Danielle!
— Dr. Liz Berg
If you are a chiropractor mom and business owner like me, then I’m sure you know firsthand how hard it can be to balance all the facets of your life in a way that feels at peace with your self, your family, and your goals. I cannot express how fortunate I feel for having crossed paths with Dr Danielle, and for all she has brought to my life with her coaching! She has a gift for humbly drawing out of you what you may have known needed to be, but you just couldn’t quite do it on your own. If I could sum up what her coaching has given me, it’s FREEDOM to practice how I want to - as a mom first, which has allowed me a greater peace than I’ve felt in years and confidence to walk in my true calling. Best of both worlds! I highly recommend partnering with her!!
— Dr. Jill Plentl
lauren hedrix.jpg
I loved working with Dr. Eaton. I did her marketing plan coaching and it was incredibly helpful for me to get really clear and focused on what I really want, what I love, and set some goals that I actually feel like I can achieve or at the very least make some solid progress toward this year. Working with her helped me to get clarity on why I am doing this and where I want to go from here AND have the start of a solid plan to get there. This is the first time I have been truly EXCITED about building my practice in a very long time. I am absolutely planning to work with her more in the future! Highly recommend. She “gets me” in a way other coaches never could.
— Dr. Lauren Hedrix
elle ben eli.jpg
Danielle is one of the most genuine and intuitive women I know. Her ability to help me find my inner strength as I navigate motherhood and a career still amazes me every time. She has given me so many invaluable skills that I implement daily (and sometimes hourly!) to push me through those roadblocks I once felt defeated by. I now get excited to realign my life as often as I need to, thanks to the awareness this process has brought me!
— Elle Wagner
Dr. Danielle is an amazing woman and truly cares to help all the people around her. She has many different avenues instead of the cookie-cutter approach of “work harder, work longer.” She will help you use the tools you have to be a better person and in turn more successful!
— Dr. Teran Warner
Dr. Danielle has been a great support in helping me transition from post-partum back into clinical practice. She was especially helpful in challenging me to really be clear about what it is that I want & how to create that around my young family. Working with her has allowed me to dig deep & get focused on my goals both personally & professionally & figure out how to have MY all while dropping the pre-conceived ingrained ideas of what it “should” look like. Thank you Danielle, for your insight & for being so instrumental in helping me at this point in my career!
— Dr. Daniela Arciero

From Members of The Aligned Women Team...

Erin Jacobs.jpg
There’s no way that I would want to run my business, life or practice without the advice of my friend, Danielle. She has helped me to get clearer about what I want and how to get that in all aspects of my current situation.
— Dr. Erin Jacobs Stagner
It has been a confusing time for me as a “new/young” chiropractor finding my place in this amazing profession. With all my emotions wrapped up in some tough decisions- I was able to count on Dr. Danielle to help breakdown what my barriers are and create a simple step by step path in making some very difficult decisions to ultimately lead towards my dreams. Although I am still in the beginning steps of this long and exciting journey- I am so so thankful for her support along the way. I know I have a bright future in this profession because of her attentiveness, understanding, kind-heart, listening ear, and down-to-earth advice. Thank You Dr. Danielle for all your help thus far in my chiropractic journey!
— Dr. Abbie Goodman

From previous Aligned Women Challengers & Fans...

Dr. Danielle helps to provide clarity in moving your practice goals forward while creating a life-work balance that is right for you. Her ‘do-what-feels-right-for-you-and-your-family’ approach is a refreshing change from all the 1,000 visit a week, mega practice messages that are out there.
— Dr. Jenny Beck-Ayie
It’s so empowering to see women building each other up! Dr Danielle is so helpful and kind. It’s easy to see she is passionate about seeing women business owners succeed! Thank you!!
— Sara Newberry-Clavenna, LMT
I’m loving being part of this group and look forward to checking out the daily activity! Dr.Danielle Eaton shows her REAL self and is on my matter where that may be! I feel supported and this gives me a group I can reach out to and learn from. Great for chiropractors and entrepreneurs of all kinds!
— Dr. Amanda Renshaw-Pride

From the Logan Sports and Rehab Team @2008-2012

During my senior Internship at Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Eaton was one of my supervising residents, and from day one, wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and really get into the important life lessons. It was through the guidance I received from my residents/mentors in that program that has inspired me and motivated me to start my own practice and become the chiropractor I am today. I am so grateful for the impact Dr. Eaton has had on my life!
— Dr. MaryAnne Harrington Dimak
Dr. Danielle Eaton is a gifted chiropractor who shares her experience and wisdom with mom chiropractors as she supports them in identifying and embracing the work/life balance that best fits their individual desires and needs. She understands the demands of raising a family as well as the passion for treating patients and assists women in taking the steps to successfully managing home and practice. I appreciate her enthusiasm in showing women chiropractors that their professional dreams can be realized by using a gentler approach and thinking outside the box. My sincere respect to the student who becomes the teacher.
— Dr. Toni Grossenheider, Montgomery Health Center Clinician
Dr. Danielle has wisdom and insight that helps women chiropractors with the issues they face today and in finding the courage to be themselves. She has accomplished many things from leaning in to carving her own path as an entrepreneurial mom, blazing the trail for others to do the same. She addresses issues with her clients in an intelligent and nurturing manner. If you’re considering working with her, DO IT!
— Dr. Connie Hayes, successor Assistant Director of Sports and Rehabilitation at Logan
When I met Dr. Eaton she was the Assistant Director of the Logan University Biofreeze Sports Medicine department where I was completing a chiropractic residency. I was impressed with her ability to positively impact many simultaneously moving fronts. On any given day she was teaching classes (and residents), helping me to better manage my own interns, organizing the logistics of an upcoming event, and attending to the administrative tasks incumbent upon a University faculty member and Assistant Department Director. I can honestly say that she helped me become both a better doctor and manager during my time at Logan.
— Dr. Brian McGaughran, Sports and Rehabilitation Resident

If my clients and other people I've mentored haven't convinced you just yet
that Aligned Women will help you grow your practice in a way that's right for you and your family,
maybe seeing what my practice members share about me as their chiropractic will!

Do you envision big shifts in your practice in 2018?

More automation.
A new income stream.
Expanding your team.
Focusing in on a niche.

You can see the big picture but you have no idea where to start.
Unless you start working 80 hours a week and spending a lot less time with your family.

If this describes you, let’s talk!

Creating big changes in your practice all on your own can feel like turning the Titanic.

If you want to make the process easier—
while being supported in keeping life and work as a mom balanced—
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