069: A Quarter Card Planning Session

Did you spend hours upon hours creating a 5-Year Plan for your business, only to complete it having no clue how to actually move forward with carrying it out?

Or maybe you’ve made plans with the best of intentions, only to have them derailed when your child got sick and then struggle to get back on track. 

In episode 069, we’re sharing with you one necessary tool to help you clarify goals and stay focused on them in your practice.  That tool is what we call The Quarter Card.

The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 069.png

The Quarter Card is a simple one-pager that allows you to identify what your focus is and goals are in each dimension of life—Self, Marriage, Family, Practice and Community.

You can snag a copy of our Quarter Card that you can use over and over again each quarter by entering your info in the green box below.

If you find value in this sneak peek of the what's offered inside The Aligned Women Team group coaching membership, then be sure to join the waitlist to find out when enrollment opens. 

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