066: Rapid-Fire Marketing Ideas

What can I do for marketing?'

It's one of the most commonly asked questions in Mama Chiropractors, as well as most other chiropractic Facebook groups.

We always recommend the same thing when this question comes us: start by defining your Ideal Patient.

Create an "avatar," like a profile, of that person.  Describe her in detail.

    The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 066.png

    When have a full masterclass on it for our members that will soon be available to you, too.

    Well, even though we know is this the starting point, we also know.... sometimes this is just not the answer you want to hear! :-)

    So today on the podcast, we're sharing with you rapid-fire marketing ideas.  

    We hope that this episode--in addition to Episode 060 on creating your Ideal Patient avatar and Episode 061 on how to make screenings NOT cheesy--are helpful to you!

    Mama Chiropractors.

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