061: How to Do Screenings That Aren’t Cheesy (and make people want to avoid you)

Don't you just LOVE health fairs and screenings?!  

Kidding!!  If you're like most of the female chiropractors in our community, you probably don't love them at all--in fact, quite the opposite.  

Even though you may not have had great experiences with screenings in the past, there are ways you can attract practice members who pay, stay and refer at these types of events!

The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 061.png

Here's the thing though: in order to make screenings fun, easy and effective for the growth of your practice, you have to follow a few simple rules. 

In this episode of The Aligned Women Podcast, we'll share those rules and more about how you can increase your confidence in making health fairs and screenings work for your practice!

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