057: The Quarter Card

Are you working on a ton of projects but feeling like you're not making progress on any of them?!

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you've got tons of ideas about how to grow your practice and improve the patient experience.

It's not a shortage of ideas that's the problem; it's knowing what to work on first and NOT GETTING DISTRACTED by the next new idea. 

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In Episode 057 of The Aligned Women Podcast, we discuss a vital tool that can help you stay focused on what you want and how to make forward progress.

We introduce you to The Quarter Card--a concept based on 90-day goal setting, planning, and tackling.  

Plus, Drs. Danielle and Shawna share some key tips to stay focused and on track with your life and practice goals.  Here's a quick sneak preview of what we talk about in this episode:

  1. Why knowing your WHY for your goals is vital

  2. How using The Quarter Card can help you make forward progress without getting burned out

  3. How knowing the difference between goals and objectives will help you narrow down what to take action on

After you've listened, head over to this thread in Mama Chiropractors and share your Quarter Card with us!

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