054: Balance Schmalance. (...Or Maybe Not?)

[Guest blogger Dr. Shawna]

Balance would be one of those ideas that can polarize a lot of women. Does it exist? Does it not exist? Are we trying to hard to achieve something that is simply impossible?

The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 054.png

The idea for this podcast came up when the debate about balance came into our lives several times in one week.  

So we figured it MUST be a podcast episode :)

Dr. Danielle would be on the "balance schmalance" side.  I'm on the "of course it's possible!" side. Where do you stand?

Listen in as we have a real heart-to-heart discussion about our challenges with creating balance as well as some ideas around how women can stay grounded in the "imbalance" of our imperfect lives.

After you've listened to this episode, head on over to this thread in the Mama Chiropractors group in Facebook and let us know what YOUR challenges are in creating balance. 

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