052: Should You Take Your Child To Work?

It's a very common question amongst soon-to-be Mama Chiropractors:

Should I take my baby to the office with me?

Is that even a thing?  What will patients think?  How will I handle breastfeeding, schooling, and meltdowns with clients nearby?

Well, there's definitely not a one-size-fits-all answer, but in Episode 052 of The Aligned Women Podcast Drs. Danielle and Shawna dive into the topic.

The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 052.png

Both of the docs have had their kids in daycare in the past, but both now have home offices. They share their thoughts on taking your child to work--both short-term and long-term--plus what it's like working from home with the kids around.

If you've ever wondered about taking your future child to the office with you or dreamed of having a home office so you can cut down the cost of childcare, this episode is for you!

Here's a preview of some of the points discussed on the podcast today:

  1. Accept that you will never be 100% focused on one thing if you have your child at work with you. 

  2. Have a back-up plan for if Plan A doesn't work out well. 

  3. Create a financial plan that allows for extra support. 

  4. Find a community of supportive friends and colleagues.

Dr. Meaghan Brent was mentioned in this episode.  She's a Mama Chiropractor who has three kiddos and took her baby to the office with her when her practice was still pretty new.  You can hear more from Dr. Meaghan in Episode 007 of the Aligned Women Podcast and also on Episode 48 of The Fulfilled Podcast.

After you've listened, head over to this thread in Mama Chiropractors and let us know your most important take-away from this conversation.  See you there!

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