049: How Do We Avoid Bright Shiny Object Syndrome?

Do you feel like you're busy as can be, but from day to day get nothing actually accomplished?

Or maybe you know that you need to free up more of your time but have no idea what you could actually say no to?

Do you feel like you have a big vision but what you spend most of your time on isn't in alignment with it?

If you said yes to any or all of the above, then this episode is certainly for you!

The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 049 (2).png

Here's a preview of some of the points Drs. Danielle and Shawna discuss:

  1. Using Your Big Vision As A Litmus Test For What To Say Yes or No To.

  2. Determining Whether You Have A New Patient Problem or A Patient Retention Problem. 

  3. Mapping The Seasons Of Your Business So That You Can Plan Proactively Instead Of Panicking. 

If you want more insights on how to avoid distractions and get and stay focused, then be sure to listen to this episode!

After you've listened, head over to this thread in Mama Chiropractors and let us know your most important take-away from this conversation.  See you there!

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