048: Can You Have A Profitable Part-Time Practice?

Have you held off on returning to practice after motherhood because you know you don't want to work full-time... but aren't sure if working part-time would even be worth it?

Or maybe you'd really love to homeschool your children but know that it might mean some big changes to how much time you spend working... AND you still need to bring home income for your family, too?

Then this episode is certainly for you!

The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 048.png

Here's a preview of some of the points Drs. Danielle and Shawna discuss:

  1. Be Honest About What You Really Need To Operate Your Business.

  2. Get Deeply Connected To The Value Of Your Time and Service. 

  3. Reframe Your Definition Of Profit. 

If you want more insights on how to have a profitable part-time practice, then be sure to listen to this episode!

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