047: Content Strategies To Grow Your Business (And Not Drive You Crazy)

Have you been thinking about ramping up your online marketing for your practice but don't know where to start?

Or maybe you did get started by trying to build a presence on every platform and found it exhausting to keep up with.

Well, if either of these describe you, then today's episode is sure to help!

The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 047.jpg

Here's a preview of some of the points Drs. Danielle and Shawna discuss:

  1. Be intentional about the type of content you choose to create.
    It's important to consider what type of content your Ideal Patient is most likely to consume.  But it's also important to go with what you might already have the tech know-how for and what you truly feel most excited about creating.

  2. Schedule time for content creation.
    You put screenings and networking events on your calendar, right?  Just like any other marketing activity, you need to schedule in time for creating and sharing your online content!

  3. Start simple and expand later. 
    It's easy to feel like you should have a presence for your business on all the platforms--Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, a blog, a podcast, and more.  But this can get overwhelming FAST.  

If you want more insights on how to create online content without going crazy, then be sure to listen to this episode!

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