046: The Certification Is Not The End

Did you hear the BIG NEWS?!?

If you've been listening to the podcast for a while, then you're familiar with the host Dr. Danielle Eaton.  

Now, Dr. Danielle has partnered up with Dr. Shawna Dingman, and they'll be co-hosting The Aligned Women Podcast together!

The Aligned Women Podcast Episode 046.png

While Dr. Shawna's new to Aligned Women, she isn't new to podcasting.  In fact, she's been hosting a show of her own--The Fulfilled Podcast--for quite some time.

Because both Danielle and Shawna share the same mission of empowering women in chiropractic to grow sustainable and profitable businesses alongside happy and healthy families, it only made sense that these two united their voices. 

For more of the story about why Drs. Danielle and Shawna joined forces, check out this video they shared on the Aligned Women Facebook page.


Listen to the Very First
Co-Hosted Episode Below!

Episode 46 of The Aligned Women Podcast features a chat between Dr. Danielle and Dr. Shawna about certifications.

You know, when you THINK you need the certification to get your practice where you want it to be?  Or to work with the type of patients you want to work with?

Well, we share our thoughts on why certifications are not the end...
Why there's still more work to do...
And why that certification you're after might just be.... the beginning!