037: 5 Tips For Optimizing The Summer Slow-Down

It's no surprise that our chiropractic practices slow down during the summer.  Kids are out of school, families are on vacation, and people are generally out of their usual routines--health habits included.

In this solocast, Dr. Danielle Eaton gives you 5 ways that you can make the most of the slower summer months so that both you and your business are ready to rock again when September rolls around. 

  • Does fall creep up on you without warning, leaving you feeling like your business is always running to catch up?
  • Do you promise yourself at the beginning of every summer that you're going to make a plan for the fall, but time slips away as you frolic with your kids in the sun?
  • Do you envision a business plan for the fall but never quite get around to working on it...until just before Christmas?
  • What if you had a small group of motivated moms in practice who knew exactly what you're struggling with - and could help you?
  • Would being part of a community of women taking little bits of action throughout the summer, keeping each other accountable to staying focused on their goals help you succeed?

If your answer is "heck ya!", you need a Summer Mastermind group!

Dr. Danielle Eaton of the Aligned Women podcast, and Dr. Shawna Dingman of the Fulfilled Podcast are co-facilitating a Fulfilled Mama Summer Mastermind group.

This group is for mama chiropractors who want to be plenty present with their kids during the summer, but ready to kick back into full gear the day those kids get back on a bus in September.

We are looking for 6-8 women who want community, accountability and focused success.  Women who want to have a solid plan in place for September to hit the ground running.

If this is you, hit the "I'm in!" button below to apply.