036: Protecting Your Body While Caring For Your Patients With Dr. Danielle Trego Finden

Meet Dr. Danielle Trego Finden

Dr. Danielle Trego Finden is a mama chiropractor who's been in practice for 9 years.  

She's a wife and mom of two little boys who are 4 and 1.

She's been voted a top chiropractor in MN for the last 4 years in a row (ever since they started giving the distinction)!

Dr. Danielle authored the book "A Guide to Alternative Chiropractic Technique: How to Keep Your Healing Practice from Hurting You", born out of her desire to enjoy a long career in chiropractic without having injury take her out of the game.


You can find her practice website at


and learn more about how Dr. Danielle helps other chiropractors protect their body's at


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