031: Home-Based, Cash and Prenatal Practice With Dr. Karen Gardner Richter

Dr. Karen Gardner graduated from Life College in 1993.

She started her first practice with her ex-husband in PA the same month she discovered she was pregnant with her first born. That started her real journey into prenatal and pediatric care.

When she was attacked by the quack busters for her work with pregnant women, she retaliated by writing two books on the subject and developed a technique specific to breech presentations.

She also started teaching her methods to docs worldwide both through webinars and live seminars.

When she divorced in 2010, her ex-husband kept the practice, all of the equipment and all of the patients and she kept the house...so she had to rebuild her practice and her brand with only a portable Thule table, SOT blocks that she bought in chiropractic school and her activator from 1993.

Among other accomplishments, she now has a thriving cash practice that focuses on pregnancy and pediatric care and continues to teach continuing education in the same area.