030: Improving Patient Communication With Dr. Barbara Eaton

Dr Barbara Eaton is a farm-girl at heart, which taught her a number of invaluable lessons like:

  • work hard when the time is right or you’ll never get your crop planted or harvested
  • God and family are what matter most - the rest is just “stuff”
  • you only get ahead when the whole team wins
  • early to bed and early to rise…

These truths cultivated a strong foundation for her as she entered the world of entrepreneurialism. Dr Barbara opened her chiropractic practice in Dec 1998 at the tender age of 29. In less than 90 days she was serving over 180 office visits per week. This momentum lead to massive growth and in 4 years, she generated over $1.3 million in a tiny town of 5000.

She attributes her success first to God and secondarily to: innovative systems; creative marketing; consistent personal growth; and polished team work.

While still in practice, Dr Barbara began coaching her chiropractic colleagues from around the world, teaching them the mindset, habits, marketing and business strategies necessary to serve the masses, while generating upper 6 and 7 figure incomes.

Though she didn't have the years of experience that the seasoned veterans she shared the chiro stages with possessed, Dr Barbara inspired chiropractic crowds from coast to coast along-side such greats as: Dr Guy Riekmann; Dr Ted Koren; Dr Tony Palermo; Dr Gerry Clum; and on the distinguished list goes.

Runnin' with the big boys early on in her career confirmed that we all put on our pants the same way: one leg at a time. "No matter how big we think someone is, they all started where we are now. Ask questions. Play in the big leagues and do whatever it takes to be and live your very best!! Playing small is NOT our chiropractic heritage. Living to optimum potential, pressing our limits every day, is the chiropractic lifestyle," says Dr Barbara.

One of Dr Barbara's most favorite quotes is: “You only live once; but if you do it right, once is enough.” which is why Dr Barbara, her husband Ben, and their children, Samson 21, and Mycah 19, work hard and play harder, thoroughly enjoying The Last Frontier (Alaska) as avid fishermen and fearless hunters; rigorous hikers; and extreme adventure enthusiasts.

Dr Barbara loves helping chiropractors tap into the profound adventure called life - exploring each individual chiropractor's definition of success and creating a strategic game plan to live their ideal life.