029: Reigniting Your Passion For Chiropractic With Brook Sheehan

Brook's in her 1st year at Life Chiropractic College West and is a mother to a 5-year old little girl. Brooke is currently mothering from a distance while she's away at chiropractic school.  

Brook says that this time away from her daughter has definitely had its challenges but it is not without its rewards.  Brook is learning to trust the process and use her journey as an inspiration to others. 

When she's not in class or studying for exams, you can find her curled up with an entrepreneurial book or out networking with docs at chiropractic seminars. She's dedicated to growth in all areas of her life and dreams of being a public speaker one day.

She has recently returned from her fourth CalJam experience and will be sharing that with us in today's episode!  

Brook speaks from the heart about why taking time to attend chiropractic events is essential for staying passionate about our careers.