025: Your Critical Numbers For A Practice That's Right For You And Your Family

Recently a Mama Chiropractor reached out and asked what I do to bring more families into my practice.  A very common question I get asked!

As we chatted a bit more about this Mama's goals, she mentioned that she wanted to grow to 300 office visits per week.

When I asked her why this goal was important to her, her reply was again something I hear often from women chiropractors: she had heard it from somewhere else.

Her notion was that she had been told by someone that a practice was "successful" when it was seeing 300 office visits per week.

But how did this mom know that that volume was really what was right for HER and her FAMILY?

Today's episode was inspired by that conversation.

I walk you through discovering the Critical Numbers of your practice so that your goals are really and truly YOURS!