Episode 005: Toddlers, Balance, Mentors and Impact With Dr. Jill Plentl

In this episode, Dr. Jill Plentl shares with you how she integrates work and life as a Mom in Chiropractic, despite her driven workaholic nature and experience working prior to chiropractic school in a high volume practice.

She shares with you her most essential self-care ingredients so that she can be aligned with what she recommends to her own patients and be the best wife and mom possible.

Jill will also give you insight on a key ingredient that assisted her in creating her practice from the ground up, with her baby boy growing by her side.

You'll also hear her discuss why chiropractic is not about the numbers but what it IS about to her. 

You've gotta hear this episode, because what Dr. Jill shares you can start implementing TODAY. 

If you'd like to connect with Dr. Plentl, message her at DrJillPlentl@gmail.com or visit her website at www.GiveHopeChiro.com