The Aligned Women Mastermind Programs

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This group is designed for high-achieving women. This mastermind is right for you if you ALREADY have collections over 6-figures and a team of you + at least 2 more people. You are the decision maker in your practice.

You are looking to expand your impact, your revenue and ESPECIALLY your profit.

You may be (but not necessarily) looking to scale, multiply and expand your team, and the thought of it makes you wonder just how to go about it successfully.

You realize you need let go of control in order to grow but it’s hard, and you’re not sure how or what to delegate.

You want to AUTOMATE your systems for better efficiency.

Most of all, you want to be in the company of other women at your stage of practice and share the same challenges. You want to share ideas, encourage others and feel SUPPORTED. You want to know you’re not alone in this!

Elite Women is for you!



This small group mastermind is perfect for women who have a business that is established and is growing. You may not be at the 6-figure mark yet, but perhaps you are nudging that milestone in the near future. You have some systems that work well but you know that until you streamline some of your processes and establish new ones, your growth may be at a standstill.

You are ready to reach new levels but you’re not sure how to get there. You want ACCOUNTABILITY and FOCUS! It’s easy for you to get distracted by the latest “shiny penny” and you want a group to help you figure out your most important priorities and stick to them.

You would like to be connected to other doctors who are experiencing the same challenges in growing their businesses and share ideas.

We typically keep this group to a maximum of 6. This group is designed for support, encouragement, idea sharing, brainstorming and accountability.



This group is for the doctor who is just getting started OR for the doctor who is starting over again in a new practice. You want to get your practice to the point where you’re bringing home enough income to pay your expenses and contribute to your family. You’re just not sure what strategies are going to get you there quickest.

You know that systems are important, but you aren’t sure where to begin. You have lots of ideas but don’t quite know how to start implementing them. You want the support of other women at your stage, but you also need a lot of coaching and instruction on marketing, processes, efficient time blocking and keeping a positive mindset.

The classes are a combination of teaching from Dr. Danielle and Dr. Shawna, Q&A and accountability. Group size is a maximum of 8.