Three Vital Questions For Every Mama Chiropractor To Ask Herself To Get More Focused Today

We’re in the final four weeks of the year.

Are you feeling the pressure?

Not only do you have gifts to buy, wrapping to do, and parties to squeeze into your schedule, but you’ve also got year-end business goals to reach and tax documents to gather. 

None of this might sound like too big of a deal...but it certainly FEELS like a big deal. 

Maybe it’s because so much of what’s on your plate right now is related to money

There’s the extra costs of gifts, party food, and tax bills. 

(Feeling the pressure now?!)

And then, there’s also the part of you that feels like you should be taking some time to plan for 2018. Your goals, your wants, your big priorities. 

But even if you do sit down to create some 2018 plans and goals, you don’t get far because it seems like such an overwhelming task. WHERE DO YOU START?!?

Like you, I feel all of these pressures right now. It’s why I bowed out on doing any food prep on
Thanksgiving even though we hosted my husband’s parents at our house. It’s also why I hired a company who organized and cleaned our home literally from top to bottom this past week. As if that wasn’t outside of my comfort zone enough already, I also paid a nearby teenager to come play with my kids for 3 hours 3 evenings last week. 

: :

My inbox has been flooded last the couple of weeks with invitations and offers from coaches and teachers who are running programs and courses to help entrepreneurs make 2018 the best year ever.

I see these messages and Perfectionist Danielle says,

YESSSSSSSS, I need to host one last challenge for the year—
something to help our tribe of mama chiros get their year off to a great start.”

I know how hard and confusing it was to do any sort of real business planning just a few years ago. I spent almost all of my time and energy throwing spaghetti at the wall. My strategy was that if I put a ton of energy out, that I’d receive it back. 

And while my business grew quickly, I was also growing more and more exhausted by the month. 

Long story short, I’ve invested a ton of money in learning a better way to do business. And I love sharing what I learn in ways that are applicable to us as Mama Chiropractors. 

So I reeeeeeeeeally really want to host a free year-end challenge for you. I even enrolled in a challenge-building course with Jadah Sellner to help make it an even better experience than the other Aligned Women Challenges you’ve seen in 2017. 

But every time I sit down to do any planning for the challenge, I feel a ton of resistance. I notice that I feel afraid—like, really afraid—about whether or not I can support you through the experience the way you deserve to be. 

Usually I feel the fear and take action anyway.  But this time, something was different...

Then this weekend as I was spending some time alone, the insight came: I've not been being honest with myself about what my ONE Thing is right now. And once I got honest and real about that, I understood why I’d been feeling resistance. 

Question #1: What’s the most important thing RIGHT. NOW?

See, I’m only about 36.5 weeks pregnant as I write this. My EDD is three days after Christmas. As if having a baby in the middle of the holiday season isn’t chaotic enough, I’m also planning a home birth after two cesareans. 

My doulas and midwives tell me I’m super well prepared, yet I still feel freaked out about several aspects of this birth. After talking with my business coach (who’s had four home births after a cesarean herself), my primary doula, and another mom who’s successfully had 2HBA2Cs, I realized that this birth is the biggest and most important goal I have ahead of me right now...and it’s only 4+/- weeks away. 

There are things that my intuition has been guiding me to do that I’ve continued ignoring because.... well I’m just too busy. I have other more important things to do right now! 

But after talking over the last few days about where I was at and what I was feeling, it became really clear to me that my priorities were off. I hadn’t let them shift from business to birth yet. 

I often find that this happens with my coaching clients, too.  They are covered in "should" from head to toe, and when we start stripping down to what's actually most important right now they can see much more clearly what they truly need to be spending time on.

Most importantly, they can let go of some of the "shoulds," allowing their expectations of themselves to be kinder.

If you're feeling overwhelmed right now with all of the things you think you "should" be doing, ask yourself this question:

What's really most important RIGHT NOW?

Ask it again and again until you arrive at an answer that resonates on a deeper level. 

Question #2: What do you need to say NO to to make time for what’s most important right now?

Knowing that better preparing my mind and body for our upcoming birth is what’s most important to me right now, I was able to see that—although I’d really really really love to host an awesome year-end, plan-your-best-year-in-practice-ever challenge (and I’d also love to finish a new free audio training I’ve been working on for forever, and make some updates to my practice website, and... and and and)—I have to say no. 

In order to build my confidence about this upcoming birth, I have to commit time to journaling, walking, meditating, crawling... whatever it takes.

In order to make sufficient time for these things, I have to say no to other things.

Taking on new projects isn’t in service to
finishing my most important one
to the best of my ability.

I used to fall prey to this trap all the freaking time.  I'd say yes to something without any real consideration of how I was going to add something else to my plate.

Now I know that every yes requires a handful of no's.... or more!

If you have a big project or task that you're certain is really important to finish before the end of the year, what (or who) it is that you need to say NO to right away so that you have the time and energy to finish that thing?

HINT: if you're also expecting a baby before the end of the year, maybe it's time to say no to accepting new patients into your practice. 

Question #3: What’s the ONE Thing I can do to make everything else easier or unnecessary? 

Lastly, I remembered to ask myself an important question that the whole book "The ONE Thing" is based upon..... what’s the ONE Thing I can do over the next four weeks to make a home birth easier?

To no surprise, I get the same answer: commit the time I need for the preparation my baby and I deserve. 

Sometimes, the answer to this question shines light on an action that you could take but that feels big and scary. 

For example, maybe you're spinning your wheels with a certain staff member to get her on board with supporting and working toward your practice's mission and vision. 

You've tried everything to motivate, incentive and change her, but the situation just worsens.  

When you ask what the ONE Thing is you could do to make training and managing this employee easier or even unnecessary this month, the obvious answer is to release her.  


Remember, if you want your business to reach levels it's never been at before, YOU will have to be someone you've never been before.  

Use this question everyday: What's the ONE Thing I can do to make X easier or unnecessary today/this week/this month/this quarter/this year?

: :

So my friend, I need to say yes to committing more time to preparing my mind and body for birth.  Which means I have to say no to a year-end challenge from Aligned Women this year.

Perfectionist Danielle hates that. Perfectionist Danielle just knows that we’re both missing out on something because of my choice and because I’m not attempting to do it all.

But this is part of being the CEO of your business. 

Putting on the CEO hat requires us to do things that make us uncomfortable, to act in spite of fear, and to be someone different than who we have been before.

CEO Danielle knows that you can take some lessons from what you’ve read here and do something awesome with them.