Ribbon Cutting at Spine and Joint Center

Ribbon Cutting at Spine and Joint Center

While deleting old files in my download folder this weekend, I came across this picture from the ribbon cutting of SJCA, my first chiropractic office. 

I realized that it was the anniversary of that event, oddly enough.

It’s both painful and amusing to look at my face in this picture.  I look so…. HOPEFUL!

I look at my daughter in this picture and can barely remember her being this age.  I know a lot of parents say that, because time goes by so fast.  But this feeling is more than just that…. It’s guilt over how little time I spent with her when she was still so small.

I was both terrified of running my own office and certain that everything would be just fine. 

I was both right and wrong.

I grew my practice to 60+ office visits a week in under a year.  Pretty fast for a non-high volume practice model. 

But I was so stressed.  Physically I felt exhausted and had some weird symptoms that had no explanation.  I rarely worked out and I often ate Chinese takeout from the restaurant next door.

This is not an uncommon scenario.  I’m far from the first or only chiropractor who hustled so hard to grow a practice that it affected (all) other aspects of life (negatively, it seemed).

But what DID make me different was that I had read The Book. 

“The Management of It All”

Written by my mentor in chiropractic. 

Someone I worked side by side with for years.
Someone I supported when he was asked for help by docs who were struggling.
Someone who created a position for me to be the leader, guiding soon-to-be new docs in the principles of Life and Practice that he taught.
Someone whom I still love dearly but who just wasn't equipped to teach me how to be a mom AND a chiropractor. 

I not only READ The Book….
I taught its principles to countless others, and I helped shape it into updated versions.

But I sure didn’t implement it when I was left to my own devices.

Reading the book only gets you so far, my dear.

Which is exactly why, when running my office began to feel like running the same marathon over and over again everyday—with no support crew on the sidelines—I started looking for someone that could help me.

I didn’t have the words for who or what I was looking for. 
I didn’t want to work with a practice management company. 
I didn’t want someone to tell me to sell treatment plans or memorize a script. 

I just wanted someone who could help me find some sort of peace in “balancing” the life I wanted to be living with the practice I wanted to be growing. 
I wanted someone who could help me figure out what was actually important, in my ever-growing to-do list. 

Baby's first ultrasound

Baby's first ultrasound

I didn’t find that person.  And when I found myself pregnant just 8 weeks after a miscarriage, I knew that something had to give.  Six weeks later I sold my practice.

When people hear that, they say “oh! That must’ve been awesome!”

Truthfully, it didn’t feel awesome and it sure didn’t look awesome on paper, either.

It was what I HAD TO DO to support the growth of a healthy baby at the time.  It felt like the only way to get her here safe and sound. I wasn't willing to risk another pregnancy for my practice.

I know not everyone is as blind as I was when I started out.  I’ve talked to plenty of women who had the foresight to think about how they wanted to feel each day and design they practice around their life—instead of the other way around.

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With love,
Dr. Danielle Eaton
he Coach for Moms in Chiropractic

PS: “The Management Of It All” laid a great foundation for any chiropractor, but my book “Aligned” will be specifically for MOMS in Chiropractic.