The loudest voice in our profession is that more is always better.

That teaching the world about chiropractic is the path to your success.

And that you should be affordable, always available, and offer care to anyone who has a spine and who’s breathing.

You heard it in chiro school…

You heard it in the seminars…

You saw it on social media…

And so you went down that path. After all, it’s what you’re supposed to do to be successful right?

You took out the 6-figure business loan. Enrolled in all the insurance plans. And set your office hours from 9am to 6pm every day.

You built the big office, got out and did the screenings, and sure enough your practice grew.

But as you got busier and busier in the office, something unexpected happened.

You started feeling resentful about all the time you were spending away from your family.

Your marriage started struggling because your partner started wondering when all this time you’re spending away was going to pay off financially.

You got tired—really tired—of waiting to be paid a few bucks from the insurance companies.

Worst of all, you got tired. Well, more than tired. Exhausted is more like it.

You stopped working out because you didn’t know how to make time for it all anymore. You gained more weight than you ever thought you would.

And you started wondering..... what am I actually sacrificing my health and my time with my family for, exactly?!

It’s so so hard to be in this place and not know what to do.

Sure, there’s practice management companies and coaches out there that could help you make more money. But they also expect you to work even more to make that happen.

And you already know you just won’t take anymore time away from your family.

At this point, you’ve settled. You’ve settled for this day to day grind that allows you to just get by.

I want you to know, you don’t have to settle for this mediocre life any more.

You can have BOTH the time freedom you want AND the financial freedom you deserve.

You can structure your practice so that you have time to cuddle your babies while they’ll still let you.

You can make changes that allow you to increase your salary and take the pressure off your marriage.

You can set clear boundaries so that your patients are taking all you have to give and leaving you with nothing left for taking care of yourself.

You can have all of this and more.

Aligned Women do it every day.

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