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Dr. Danielle Eaton

Hi! I’m Dr. Danielle Eaton, and I founded Aligned Women. 

Like you, I graduated chiropractic school and thought I knew exactly what I wanted for my career in chiropractic—a huge multidisciplinary clinic that eventually grew to multiple locations, seeing hundreds of patients a week. 

With a background in marketing and sales, I knew that if I just worked hard I would make this dream a reality!

But then, I became a mom and everything I thought I wanted for my career changed. It didn’t happen overnight. Not even close. The realization that what I wanted for my career had changed was a long, slow and often painful journey that took years. 

I remember back to when my first practice was at its busiest...  I had so many ideas about how to grow my business, so many projects started. My business was growing quickly, but I could see it was at he detriment to my little girl, my husband and even my own health. I was searching for someone who could help me figure out how to manage my time and energy better, make time for my family and my health, while also still making more money. You’re probably not surprised when I tell you... I never found that person!

Long story short, it became my mission, passion and purpose to empower other Mama Chiropractors to create profitable and sustainable businesses alongside happy and healthy families. 

Today, I am so proud to offer the premiere community for female chiropractors who want to grow practices that work for their families.

Welcome to Aligned Women! We are redefining success in motherhood and entrepreneurship, and we’re so glad you’re here.

Dr. Shawna Dingman

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I'm Dr. Shawna Dingman, and I began my pediatric practice journey when I was pregnant with my first child in chiropractic college.  I was doing my Fellowship certification with the ICPA when voila - I became pregnant myself.  We had our son, Jackson, just before the start of our final year.

My husband, Craig (also a chiropractor), and I decided to continue school as we had planned with our newborn in tow and completed our program together.  It was challenging to say the least, but all 3 of us graduated in 2000.  What a year!

Beginning practice with a baby definitely shaped the way I wanted to serve my people. I knew from Day 1 that I wanted to have a strong focus on pediatric and pregnancy care.  That's where I personally felt I could make the greatest impact on our community's health.  And as a woman (not to mention a MOM!), this is where my passion lies.

I grew my pediatric practice very quickly to the point where I no longer saw men.  Creating a "boutique" practice of women and children was AMAZING.  THIS was definitely my sweet spot.

I have realized over the years that what comes very naturally to me is not necessarily that way for a lot of women.  There is doubt, lack of certainty and mostly lack of support that holds most people back from having the practice of their dreams, pediatric or otherwise.

I began working with Dr. Danielle on the Aligned Women team in the spring of 2018.  We had shared wins, losses, ideas and dreams for ourselves and our businesses over the previous 2 years and realized that we had a common vision for women in chiropractic. It was a natural fit for us.

Together, our goal is to help every Mama have the practice life and family life that works for them.  We look forward to helping YOU have the balanced life you dream of.

We work with women 1 on 1 through individual coaching, in small groups through our Mastermind Programs, and in large group coaching through our Aligned Women Membership Community. For more information on how to work with us, click the Work With Us tab or just click the button below.