009: Boundaries, Emotions, and Major Life Changes With Dr. Stephanie Harris

Dr. Stephanie Harris

Dr. Stephanie Harris

Dr. Stephanie Harris is a principled chiropractor, writer, wife, and mother of two children, one of whom is a cancer survivor.

She owns and operates Inspire Chiropractic, based out of Durango, Colorado.

Her passion involves empowering people to discover their deepest truth, live their best life, and express optimum health.

Dr. Steph envisions starting a foundation to integrate vitalistic chiropractic care into pediatric oncology settings, for the sole purpose of optimizing health and life expression during and after conventional cancer treatment.

You can find Dr. Steph's blog at

008: Focus, Leadership and Knowing What You Want With Dr. Megan Malone

Dr. Megan Malone shares gems of truth and wisdom that every Mom in Chiropractic can relate to and learn from.

In this episode, Dr. Megan shares why she's passionate about being a strong leader and what she does to tune in to what she really wants in life and practice.

Connect with Dr. Megan via email at megmalonedc@gmail.com or learn more about her practice at www.drmmalone.com

007: Finding Ease In Growing Your Practice (Even As A Mom) With Dr. Meaghan Brent

Dr. Meaghan Brent has received accolades in her community for her focus on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care.

In this guest interview, Dr. Meaghan shares how and why she found growing her dream practice to actually be EASIER after she became a mom.

Tune in to learn from what she shares today.

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Brent's practice, check out this article that she was recently featured in.

Episode 006: Gender, Pay and Worth

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Episode 005: Toddlers, Balance, Mentors and Impact With Dr. Jill Plentl

In this episode, Dr. Jill Plentl shares with you how she integrates work and life as a Mom in Chiropractic, despite her driven workaholic nature and experience working prior to chiropractic school in a high volume practice.

She shares with you her most essential self-care ingredients so that she can be aligned with what she recommends to her own patients and be the best wife and mom possible.

Jill will also give you insight on a key ingredient that assisted her in creating her practice from the ground up, with her baby boy growing by her side.

You'll also hear her discuss why chiropractic is not about the numbers but what it IS about to her. 

You've gotta hear this episode, because what Dr. Jill shares you can start implementing TODAY. 

If you'd like to connect with Dr. Plentl, message her at DrJillPlentl@gmail.com or visit her website at www.GiveHopeChiro.com

004: Before You Have A Baby, Listen To This Podcast

In this episode I share a message that I recently received from a former student at Logan, sharing where she's at in her life and practice journey right now.  Her message is below.  Tune into the podcast to hear my response.

Dr. Eaton---

First let me say that I am SO proud of you for making your dreams reality! I listened to the podcast, and I loved it! I have to admit that it is a breath of fresh air to hear a) another female's point of view in our field, b) the truth about how stressful practice can be. 

I, myself, am extremely satisfied with my current position as an associate in a very busy practice, but I am now married and will be soon planning a family of my own. I have had to have some serious thinking time to myself to try and decide what (demands/requests) I need to make now or in the future in order to be able to get pregnant, have a baby, and then also be able to adjust my life and practice so that I can feel fulfilled in both. I am at a point where I am saying I don't think I'm ready to have a baby, but really, I think I would be ready if I wasn't worried about how it will change my career. My husband isn't 100% understanding of this point--- though he is trying to be. 

If I got any say in future podcast topics, I would ask you what your advice would be to someone that hasn't actually become a mom yet, but wants to in the next few years. What steps should I be taking right now to be sure that I don't have some major break down later!? How do I explain to my boss (male), husband, (male), and world (seemingly MALE!) that I want to work and make a good living, but I also want the freedom to be a good mom and be involved with raising my future children!?

I think what you are doing is great, and I cannot wait to hear more!



Episode 003: Changing Your Practice After Motherhood Changes Your Life With Dr. Andrea Hoglen-Dunlap

Dr. Andrea Hoglen is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, Class of April 2011.

She has been practicing in her home state of Michigan for the past five years, but she has been a part the chiropractic community for over thirteen years, serving as a chiropractic assistant, x-ray technician, and administrative assistant prior to graduating with her doctorate.

She currently owns her own practice in her hometown of Plymouth, where she resides with her family and serves on the Board of Directors with her Community Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Andrea is a wife and mom to her son, Collin, who is almost one. She enjoys running, hiking, and yarn craft.

Connect with Dr. Andrea Hoglen-Dunlap at doctorhoglen at live.com or via her website at http://doctorhoglen.com/

Episode 002: How To Create More Alignment In Your Life and Practice

In this episode, I share with you not just a tool but the FOUNDATION upon which Aligned Women create a practice that's right for them and their families.  

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Episode 001: A Podcast For Moms In Chiropractic


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